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Sharing the Gift of the Sisters of Saint Joseph

Spirituality ans Service

Academia María Reina promotes the spirituality and tradition of the Sisters of Saint Joseph through different activities, liturgies, prayer services, and experiences, thereby completing the education of our students. We also believe in supporting the spirituality of the adults in our community and, therefore, offer religious opportunities for them as well.

Semillas de Esperanza

This digital corner was born in response to a genuine invitation from the Pope, inspiring us to share our faith and explore together the essential pillars of the Sisters of Saint Joseph: "Inclusive Love, Union, Reconciliation and Care for Others."
In this space, each word is a seed planted with love, and each reflection is a step towards building a more compassionate and united world. Join us on this spiritual journey where we cultivate together the hope that blooms in every heart!

Semillas de Esperanza 1
Semillas de Esperanza 2
Semillas de Esperanza 3
Semillas de Esperanza 4 Francés
Semillas de Esperanza 5 Italiano
Semillas de Esperanza 6
Semillas de Esperanza 7 Inclusión

A School of Service

Following the charism of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and their principles of social justice and inclusive love, we believe community service is an essential part of the educational process. Therefore, our students are strongly encouraged to express their love and faith by participating in the following programs:


Comunidad Compartiendo Amor (CCA) is the school organization in charge of the community service program. Students from ninth to twelfth grades can serve at the center of their preference and experience the valuable satisfaction of volunteering. We are proud to recognize CCA as the organization with the largest number of student participants. Some of the centers where our students serve are Hospital del Niño, Centro Joaquina Vedruna, Help 4 Paws, Humane Society of PR, Miramar Living, Caminando con Caimito, Reverenda Inés Figueroa, among others. 

Additionally, CCA organizes school-wide campaigns to support local and national charities such as Susan G. Komen, Campamento Misión, CAP, Hospital Pediátrico, Make a Wish Foundation, Canastas de Bendición, Hogar Padre Venard, Habitats for Humanity, among others. 

Joining CCA efforts, the school also sponsors service activities during the summer such as CSJ-It-Forward, Service @ The Hamptons, Community Builders for Peace, AMR’s summer camp, and Colegio María Auxiliadora’s summer camp.

Manos Amigas

Seventh and eighth graders can become part of the CCA organization through Manos Amigas. This group meets weekly and organizes activities for different causes and needs. Once a month, they hold an activity in a center outside school, either for the homeless, elderly, or children. In addition, they also sponsor some not-for-profit organizations in our community.

Pastoral Juvenil

"Somos el pulmón de toda institución educativa católica"

A Catholic action group organized to bring young women closer to the message of Jesus, promoting values inside and outside the Academy. We carry out group growth activities, training workshops, and meditations and prepare student retreats. Each student in the Youth Ministry Group is a unique spark that illuminates our collective mission. Here, we seek not only to understand our faith but also to live it authentically and joyfully. Every Tuesday, we meet in a welcoming environment where diversity is celebrated and every voice finds its echo.

Amigas de Jesús

"No Sigas a Jesús solo cuando te apetece, búscalo cada día"

A space to integrate the hearts of those students who wish to share experiences in a free environment full of the inclusive love to which Jesus invites us. Every Friday, we gather as a family where every story, every tear, and every joy are woven into a unique tapestry. Friends of Jesus is more than a group; It is a commitment to accompany each other on the path of faith and friendship. Diversity enriches us, and here, each voice has a special echo.

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