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Scholarship and Financial Aid Programs

As a Catholic institution following the educational mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, NY, AMR is deeply committed to attending to the needs of our times, responding to the principles of social justice, and collaborating with the education and formation of the Puerto Rican woman. To fulfill these goals, AMR has established scholarship and financial aid programs designed to provide an education of excellence to talented girls with limited economic resources and financial assistance to families and students within our community who find themselves in need


The scholarship program covers the educational cost of a student enrolled in AMR. Sixth-grade students interested in applying for the program are screened for their academic accomplishments and financial need. A completed application accompanied by a school transcript, standardized test results, and financial information is required.

For more information related to the Scholarship Program, please contact the Alumnae Office at 

787-764-0690 ext. 231 or the Development Office at 787-764-0690 ext. 254.


Academia María Reina provides financial aid to members of the school community. Families can request a payment plan of three, six, or nine installments and/or apply for a reduction in tuition. Those in need of this program must submit the information that is evaluated by an external committee that performs an objective financial need analysis.

Families that are interested in participating in either the scholarship or financial aid program can download the PDF below and follow the instructions outlined in the document.

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