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Our History

Sisters of Saint Joseph

Brentwood, NY

Uniting all in God's love

In response to the request of Bishop Willinger of Ponce, Puerto Rico, on July 31, 1930 four sisters were sent to found a mission in San Germán. Within a few years, missions were established at San Luis in Lajas and San Jorge in Santurce. This initiative grew and at its highest point, sisters taught in the Catholic University in Ponce, at Academia María Reina founded as a secondary school for girls, and in several parish schools. There were almost 100 sisters on the island.


Our History: It All Started with a Woman’s Vision

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, NY congregation, operated the parochial elementary, coed school, Academia San Ignacio (ASI), during the 1960s. Upon eighth-grade graduation, the boys from ASI applied to various boys-only schools, including nearby Colegio San Ignacio (CSI). Still, female graduates did not have a nearby Catholic high school where they could continue their studies. Sister Thérèse Marie, a forward thinker, envisioned an all-girl high school. That is how our story began.


Since then, following the vision and spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, AMR has continued to expand and improve its facilities. It has continued to teach its faith, passion for academic excellence, love
for service, and forward-thinking mentality to all its students.

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